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News on coming programs.  Program classes are normally $45 for members and $70 for non-members payable to RGVQG at time of signup for the class.  The extra $25 for non-members makes them eligible for membership in the guild.  Please fill out a membership form and turn it in with your payment.

There may be additional expenses based on the needs of the individual classes, e.g. some classes require purchase of kits, patterns, books, etc.

Hello Everyone,

If you know someone that you would like to have come to our Guild, please let me know.  If you would like to do a workshop, Lecture or Trunkshow , call me.

Here is a list of some of the things to come:

Judy Brown
Program Chairman
email: programs@rgvqg.com
2018 Programs:
September 2018 - Friendship Day
Please contact Maggie Putney, if you'd like to help with Friendship Day.
October 2018 - Rummage Sale
Please contact Evelyn Fincher, if you'd like to have a table at the Rummage Sale.
November 2018 - Karen K Stone

Karen K Stone

Windsor Gardens

Little Things That Count

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Karen K Stone

A quilter since 1986, Karen’s inspiration manifests equally
of innovation and tradition. Her quilts have won numerous
awards, including first prizes in international competitions,
and her designs appear frequently in exhibition. Her Clam
Session quilt received the Master of Innovative Artistry
award at IQA in 2009, and her Indian Orange Peel Quilt
was People’s Choice at Quilt National ’95. Having
enjoyed success in design, publication and teaching, she
finds no greater satisfaction than in hand-stitching binding
onto a newly quilted piece, with the possible exception of
students returning to report they’re having a lot more fun
quilting since taking her color class. Karen holds degrees
in Piano from Baylor and Indiana Universities, has two
beautiful daughters, the perfect dog, four horrible cats, a very nice beau, and lives in
Southlake, TX.

All classes will be 9 AM to 4 PM at Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX

Thursday, November 15, 2018 

Class  Windsor GardensThere are fast quilts, and slow quilts – here is an improvisational technique which can offer up big
drama in little time. Can’t wait to see yours!
Supply List

Friday, November 16, 2018

Class  Little Things That Count
“What is that? It just adds so much!” The closer someone gets to your quilt, the more you should give them to see. Learn detail techniques that when added to your quilts, will delight the viewer
every time. In-class adventures include, but are not limited to: pipings & cordings, bobbin work, improvisational couching, fun with rickrack, Shisha glass embroidery.
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Saturday, November 17, 2018 - Lecture  Trunk Show/Lecture
December 2018 - Carly Mul

Carly Mul

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Carly Mul

Carly Mul, born and raised in the Netherlands, received her education in The Netherlands and is trained as a lawyer. In 1994 she and her husband and 3 young children (9, 7, and 2 years old) moved to the US on a 3 year assignment with AT&T. The idea was to return to The Netherlands after the term was over, but her husband’s job offered the opportunity to stay permanently and the family embraced it.  That meant the end of her legal career and the beginning of
searching to something new. Carly created a company called Box
Emotions. She made and sold 27.000 fabric covered boxes. While doing this, she got to know her new country much better as the boxes sold at smaller and bigger craft shows, churches, museums and shops. Carly enjoyed meeting different people and traveling to different areas of the country.

In 2003 she contacted Moda with the request to be able to buy all colors in Moda Marbles, a fabric line she used very often as a lining for her boxes. Moda agreed and that was the beginning of a fabric business. Soon, her customers asked her if they could purchase some of the fabrics she used for her boxes and the start of Webfabrics was made. Online, Webfabrics.net was launched on 8-1-2003, when there where not that many online fabric sites yet.

Webfabric is now almost 15 years old and those first Moda Marbles have grown into a full blown online and (the largest) brick and mortar shop in the Washington DC area. The shop has over 10.000 bolts of fabric and is well known for its great selection of complete lines in basics and blenders.

Carly doesn’t make the boxes any longer. She loves to quilt and can appreciate any style. She has a special interest in art quilts, loves collage quilting and is often approached for some consulting in colors. Carly finds the quilting industry fascinating and loves all aspects of the business. Aside from fabrics, she loves to play tennis and travel with her husband. She has been to many countries and is always interested in international aspects of quilting.

The children are now all grown up and have become American citizens. Her son is married and one daughter will get married in May 2018. A first grand child is on the way!

All classes will be 9 AM to 4 PM at Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX

Friday, December 7, 2018

Class  Collage Quilting - Scissors
You will make a scissors collage. This is also an interesting color class. Lots of scraps are turned into one beautiful piece. Playful, creative.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018 - Lecture  "Trends from Market".
What is going on in the quilting world? Which colors are popular, what designs, thread and notions. What can be expected in the next months? She will bring samples of new collections and show where we came from and where we are
going to.
January 2019 - more info later
February 2019 - Weeks Ringle

Weeks Ringle

The Role of Color in Your Quilts

Fabric Smackdown

Improvisational Piecing

Transforming Traditions: Modernism and Quilts

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Weeks Ringle

Weeks Ringle designed and made her first modern quilt in 1987. In 1999, she co-founded Modern Quilt Studio along with her husband, Bill Kerr. Weeks and Bill wrote the first book on modern quilting, The Modern Quilt Workshop, as well as Quiltmaker’s Color Workshop, Quilts Made Modern and Transparency Quilts and several other publications. They also co-authored the bestselling A Kid’s Guide to Sewing with their daughter Sophie.

In 2011 they launched Modern Quilts Illustrated, the first magazine exclusively dedicated to modern quilting. Their work has appeared in the international press including American Patchwork & Quilting, Quilts Japan, Patchwork Tsushin, Japan’s Quilt Jikan, Australian Quilter’s Companion, Dwell, O:The Oprah Magazine, TIME, The New York Times, and Country Living.

Modern Quilt Studio’s work has been shown throughout the US including an exhibit of 28 quilts at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Art in Cedarburg WI and Quilt Expo in Madison Wisconsin as well as exhibitions in France, Japan and Ukraine. In addition to designing fabric for Benartex’s Contempo studio, Bill and Weeks license their designs to other manufacturers. Weeks teaches online classes for Craftsy and iquilt.com and writes the blog Craft Nectar (www.craftnectar.com). Bill and Weeks have taught modern quilting throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Japan (in Japanese) and France (in French).

Classes will be at Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX

Thursday, February 7, 2019 


There will be two 3-hour classes scheduled. One from 9-12 and the other from 1-4. You can sign up for both at $45 or Morning or Afternoon at $25.

The Role of Color in Your Quilts - 9:00 - 12:00
Develop analytical methods for using color with confidence through
individual and group color explorations. You will leave this workshop
with a deeper understanding of the role of color in your quilts and
with a renewed excitement about quilting.

Fabric Smackdown - 1:00 - 4:00
You'll learn to analyze and understand fabrics then apply what you've learned to create palettes for future projects. Learn how a variety of illustration styles, scales and patterns in fabric make for a more interesting quilt while expanding the range of fabrics you can use with confidence.

Friday, February 8, 2019 

Class - Improvisational Piecing - 9:00 - 4:00
Learn different techniques for improvisational piecing and choose one to develop a new project. We'll guide you through a strategy that will have you making design decisions as you go. Students can begin making our Call Me Crazy or Just Passing Through quilt
or a project of their choice if they already have something in mind.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019 - Transforming Traditions: Modernism and Quilts
Early American quilts were born of necessity but have been transformed into a vibrant contemporary art form. We trace this transformation as it parallels changes in art, architecture, design and society. We will show how our quilts are expressive of the era in which we live.
Quilt Show February 15-16, 2019 - Cathy Geier

Cathy Geier

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Quilt Show Speaker - February 15-16, 2019 - Cathy Geier

Cathy Geier is addicted to making landscapes out of squares and triangles and strips and strings and little bits of whatever fabric she can find. Cathy's quilts have been exhibited at many prestigious quilt shows throughout the country where she has won several 1st Place and Best of Show awards along with a few Viewer's Choice awards for her unique landscape quilts. Cathy is the author of the book “Lovely Landscape Quilts.”

Maples and Aspen - One class each day 9:00 am - Noon
This is a very fun, 'freeing' class and introduces easy techniques for students wishing to add something extra special to their landscape quilts. We start with making a very simple landscape on a whole cloth background. From there we add in hand drawn saplings using crayons and we learn how to shade tree trunks with dye markers, pastels and paint. (I provide all the markers, paints, crayons and pastels).  Your fingers will get sticky, messy and stained, but we will have wipes; bring an apron if you wipe them on your pants like I do!

Available Projects & Supply List

Two lectures - one based more on experiences and one more technical

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March 2019 - Judy Gauthier

Judy Gauthier

Judy Gauthier is a wife, mother, Critical Care Registered Nurse, quilt shop owner, and seamstress. She is the owner of Bungalow Quilting & Yarn, with locations in Ripon and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Judy started sewing at a very young age. She says that’s true of most accomplished sewists who, like her, owe their success to devoted 4-H leaders, mothers, and grandmothers.

Judy believes that doing fiber arts has as much to do with good health as regular exer-cise. She swears that her customers actually walk out of her shop with an increased serotonin level and quite possibly lower blood pressure—could it be due to the effect that color and friendship has on mood? Her theory is that bright colors and warm smil-ing faces will cure anything that ails you!

All classes will be 9 AM to 4 PM at Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX

Wednesday, March 6, 2019  OR
Thursday, March 7, 2019

Class  Umbrella
These umbrellas are a delight and a thrill to make. I have yet to have a customer not be excited beyond belief when they finish one. They are not difficult to make.  They can be personalized for college students with school colors or made for using as a sun shade. They are very functional as a rain umbrella.
In this class you will make a 48” umbrella. The umbrella is made by sewing your chosen cotton fabric together into wedges, and then it is applied to the frame. Basic sewing knowledge is required.
After these are sewn with cotton, they are waterproofed with a waterproof spray that is suitable for waterproofing camping equipment. There are many excellent brands on the market.

Umbrella Supply List

Friday, March 8, 2019

Class  Blended Hexagon Quilt
This teaches the best way to set in seams along with making the hexagons in her book. We also have a discussion on color and fabric placement.

Blended Hex Supply List

Signup for Judy Gauthier classes will be available September 2018

Saturday, March 9, 2019 - Quilts for Scrap Lovers
Using examples, Judy emphasizes the best ways to use your scraps when they look like they will never work together! There is special emphasis on placing hard to place fabrics, and there is extensive information on color combinations and how to choose what colors to use.
Past Programs