2017 Past Program info:
September 9, 2017 - Friendship Day

Hynes Event Center


2017 RGVQG Friendship Day

September 9,

10:00 am  - 2:00 pm

Llano Grande -Hynes Event Center


The Llano Grande RGVQG gals are looking forward to hosting the annual FRIENDSHIP DAY, September 9, a the Hynes Event Center from 10am to 2pm.


We hope you plan on attending and plan to bring a friend.  A sign up sheet will be at the August 12th meeting.  On the sign up sheet, let us know if you are bringing a salad or dessert.  Water, tea, and coffee will be provided by the hostesses.  Please remember to bring a serving utensil for your food item.  Paper goods (plates, cups, napkins and eating utensils) will be provided.


For any of you that would like to sign up prior to August 12th or by August 30, you may email Joy Paugh.  mdpaugh@sbcglobal.net.

Please give name, phone number, the type of salad you are bringing or dessert.


We are planning a fun day with enjoyable mixers, games, and projects. 


Please bring (3) 2.5 inch strips of (WOF) width of fabric.  Also bring scissors, colored thread, and size 9/10 needle and embroidery needle.


Joy Paugh

Llano Grande Lake Park, 913.226.6781, mdpaugh@sbcglobal.net


August 12, 2017 - Scholarship Presentations
Jan McCoy
Karon Jacobson
July 8, 2017 - Fun with Fussy-cutting
Carol Hover This program will give an overview what to fussy-cut, why you would fussy cut and how to fussy-cut.  She will bring several samples to show.  Carol will also bring several pieces for the members to try their hand at fussy cutting.  Explain different type of fussy cutting.  Hints to make something you cut look great.  Supplies needed would be a good sharp thin bladed small  pair  of scissors,  a garbage receptacle for scraps,  and something to fussy cut.

June 10, 2017 - CindyRoth

Longarm University is coming to South Texas!!  Registration form

Cindy Roth of Longarm University is going to be teaching her Traveling Longarm Classes in Alamo, TX on June 8 & 9, 2017

Cindy will also be giving a lecture, Continuous Curve Quilting, at the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild meeting on June 10. The Guild meeting is open to all quilters. There is a $10 fee for non-members. The Guild meeting begins at9:30 am and the lecture begins around 10 am. For more information about the Guild meeting or the lecture, contact Renee Darkis, see below. 

For information about the lecture Click Here

The Class Coordinator is - 

Renee Darkis 
Please contact the Class Coordinator for class registration information, driving directions or other any other information you need. 

Free Hand Sampler, Thursday, June 8- for class details 
Click Herefor photos Click Here 

Free Hand Feathers, Friday, June 9 - for class details 
Click Here for photos
Click Here

Come and join me and the other students in a day or two of creativity, inspiration, quilting education and FUN!!!   

 Cindy Roth
Longarm University
May 13, 2017 - Scholarship Presentations
Judy Shelton Demonstration of Alternative Border and Binding.
Judi Swanda "Creative Strength Training" (Class taught by Jane Dunnewold).  A conversation designed to inspire, instruct and ultimately build stamina through creative strength training.

April 8, 2017 - Jean Waufle

Jean Waufle

After graduating with an Interior Design Degree I never chose that as a career path. Although it has served me well to include decorating with my needle arts and quilting.

I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to work in the sewing industry after retiring from a business career. Starting by teaching quilt classes at the Great American Quilt Factory in Denver, Colorado, became a Creative consultant for a major sewing machine manufacture traveling across the country teaching and conducting seminars, taught sewing and pattern making at Texas Tech University in the Fashion Design Department, Managed a busy successful quilt shop in Lubbock, Texas.  12 years ago I purchase a longarm quilting machine and have built my own business doing longarm quilting.

Saturday, April 8, 2017 - Lecture  “Decorating with Quilts and Other Fibers."
March 11, 2017 - Judy Steward


Painting a Quilt

Machine Quilting

Judy Steward

I am a quilt artist who also loves to teach others about quilting and making their dream a reality. It is exciting to see their eyes light up in that moment when they realize they too can make their creation come alive under my guidance.

Fabric, color, and texture inspire me as a quilt artist.

Art first captured my heart at a young age. My childhood included wonderful opportunities to make cornhusk dolls, decorate cakes, sew garments, refinish furniture and many other creative pastimes. It was fun to dream up ideas to create something unique and beautiful.

 When I started quilting there were no quilt shops in the area nor rotary cutters, rulers or cutting mats. I made quilts in the footsteps of my ancestors by hand piecing, hand appliquéing, and hand quilting. To make squares for a quilt I traced around a piece of cardboard and then cut it out with scissors. It was time consuming and inaccurate, but I found joy in working with fabric and putting colors and textures together to create art. Each traditional quilt that I made has helped me learn skills and techniques that I use to make my art quilts.

Today I also draw and create designs with machine quilting that goes far beyond what my grandmother could imagine. Thread, designs, texture and color all mix in to bring my art to life.

 I have been teaching quilting classes since the mid 1990s. My students experience the joy and “Aha” moment of understanding a quilting technique that makes the whole process of making a quilt fun. Both traditional and art quilt techniques are presented in my available classes.

Painting a Quilt Supply List

Machine Quilting Supply List
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 or Friday, March 10, 2017 - Class Machine Quilting
Thursday, March 09, 2017 - Class  Painting a Quilt, In this workshop we will learn the techniques I use to create my painted quilts. They can be landscapes or abstract.

Saturday, March 11, 2017 - Lecture  Quilt Like You Desire: How do I know what will look good?
February 11, 2017 - Reeze L Hanson


Reeze L Hanson

Reeze lives in Ottawa, Kansas with her husband, critters and fabric stash. Still teaching college full time, Reeze has a busy schedule of teaching Public Speaking and Communication Studies in her day job*, and quilt classes at her local quilt shop in the evenings and on weekends. She is well known in the area for teaching and lecturing widely on computer aided design using EQ7. In addition to her work as a digital artist, Reeze also teaches and lectures about Color Confidence for Quilters, finding inspiration in an odd variety of places, as well as discussing (and showing!) her impressive collection of Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts. Her design work is characterized by the “illusion of complexity” which can be accomplished using fast and easy techniques which makes quilting accessible to beginners as well as those with limited time.
Click Here for Reeze's full Biography.

Supply List - Bring a power cord and a mouse. Make sure you have opened EQ7 on the laptop you plan to use prior to class

All Classes will be held at Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

You will need to have EQ7 installed (and working) on your laptop before you attend any of the classes.
Guild members price is $45 per class or sign up for all three for $100 ($125 for non-members).
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - Class  EQ7 for beginners who have little or no experience
Thursday, February 9, 2017 - Class  EQ7 next steps to make you more proficient
Friday, February 10, 2017 - Class  EQ7 more elaborate use and promotes top level skills

Saturday, February 11, 2017 - Lecture  Inspiration is in the Air  Where does inspiration for quilt designs come from? It really is in the air and all around us—and in some unexpected places you might never have thought to look. In this innovative lecture/demonstration you will learn how to draw on common everyday sources for quilt ideas and how to translate those ideas into quilts or wall hangings. This is a fun lecture and trunk show with lots of group interaction and humor. Quilts designed from expected and unexpected sources are part of this very peculiar trunk show. You won’t want to miss this one.
January 14, 2017 - Nova Montgomery


Nova Montgomery

Nova is a quilter and quilt historian who began quilting in 1980. Teaching since 2003, she has developed a reputation for engaging students in active learning and giving individual attention to her students as she travels and teaches nationally.

The relaxed style which draws her audiences into the presentation has made Nova a popular speaker with civic groups as well as quilt guilds. Nova has served on the faculty of the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas multiple years.  She has been selected as part of the Inaugural Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival, and she has been engaged by Texas A&M University as a guest lecturer.
Her specialty is the Singer Featherweight 221 sewing machine and she teaches a highly acclaimed Featherweight Maintenance Workshop.  She has authored an article on Singer Featherweights for The American Quilter.

Nova loves history and sharing her passion for quilts with audiences and workshop participants. She is currently lecturing on “Our History with the Singer Featherweight,” “A Century of Progress: The 1933 Chicago World’s Fair and Its Quilt Contest,” “Quilt Care,” “Cotton,” and "Quilting in Colonial America".

Friday, January 13, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Class  Singer Featherweight 221 Maintenance Class

Supply List

These fantastic little machines were so well engineered that the owner could (and should!) provide the maintenance they need.

This is a maintenance workshop designed to teach the care that these machines require on a regular basis.  
Machines that are in need of repair may not participate in this workshop until they have been repaired. 
Contact Nova to schedule repair for your machine.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to correctly disassemble, clean, and reassemble their beloved Featherweights. Yes, they will sew (and sew beautifully) when you are done!!  This is MUCH more than just oiling the machine.  This is a comprehensive workshop in which all aspects of routine mechanical maintenance are addressed - including motor, and foot controller.

Nova approaches this workshop from the perspective of a Featherweight owner and user who wants to preserve and protect their machine, but does not have an intricate knowledge of the mechanical workings of the machine. She guides her students through correct maintenance while educating them about their wonderful machines.  Nova not only teaches her students the "What" and "How", but also the "Why" of each step of maintenance on their machines.
Saturday, January 14, 2017 - Lecture  Cotton, the story of your fiber
2016 Past Program info:
December 10, 2016 - Linda Halpin
I was fortunate to grow up with a mom who does all kinds of needlearts. I began sewing doll clothes at the age of 6, graduating later to making all of of my own clothing. By the time I discovered quilting years later, I had a healthy supply of scraps just waiting to become quilts. Combining that with my love of puzzles made quilting a natural.

I am a graduate of the Embroiderers' Guild of America's Teacher Certification Program in Quiltmaking. The intensive two year examination program tests not only the candidates' stitching skills but also their knowledge of color and design, history of their chosen field, and classroom abilities. I am one of only a handful of instructors nationwide who have been certified by the Embroiderer's Guild of America (EGA) as an Instructor in Quiltmaking.

Actively teaching quiltmaking across the United States and Canada for over 40 years, I have enjoyed being on the faculty of several distinguished conferences nationwide (including the AQS show in Paducah), as well as working with guilds of memberships ranging from 25 to 400.

In addition to teaching, I also enjoy writing. My seven quiltmaking books range from quilt history, three dimensional applique, and quilted clothing, to scrap quilts, and patterns inspired by the Little House on the Prairie books. I have also served as Chairman of both EGA's National Master Craftsman Program for Quiltmaking and Teacher Certification Programs. I have curated numerous quilt exhibits, as well as been involved as a judge at regional exhibits, and participated in an Exhibit Judging Forum which established guidelines now used nationwide

Thursday, December 8, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Class  Spot On  Curves, ever so enticing, can be tricky to piece. Welcome to Spot On, where curves are created in a whole new way! There is not one single curved pieced seam in this quilt. Try my revolutionary way to create curves that can be done in half the time of traditional piecing and is much more accurate! Give it a try. I think you will love my new method for doing curves as much as I do!
 Supply and Pre-class list

Proficiency: All levels

Class Handout Fee $5

Friday, December 9, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Class  Tinker Toys  Creating a scrap quilt is tons of fun. Tinker Toys is just one of the many possibilities of what can come out of strips of fabric. Class starts with how to choose and combine fabrics, giving valuable fabric selection skills that can apply to your future quiltmaking projects. If choosing fabrics has always been difficult for you, this class will show you how to decide just what fabric goes where to create a quilt that really glows.
 Supply and Pre-class list

Proficiency: All levels

Class Handout Fee $5
Saturday, December 10, 2016 - Lecture  Hints, Tips and Other Things You Wish You Knew
November 2016 - Susan Nickels - ALL CANCELLED DUE TO FAMILY ILLNESS
November program was a great trunk show by our guild member Elaine Hall


Susan Nickels

Sue has been quilting for 36 years, starting by hand and gradually focusing on machine work. Sue has been teaching machine techniques for the past 26 years. Sue has taught and lectured nationally for shops, guilds and major conferences, including AQS, IQA and the Mancuso Quiltfests. She has also taught internationally in England, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.  Sue has also been a judge for many quilt shows. Sue enjoys teaching on cruises for "Quilt Seminars at Sea" once a year. Sue’s priority in the workshops she teaches is to provide a relaxed environment for students to learn machine techniques that are timesaving. Sue emphasizes the best quality workmanship, never compromising quality for speed!  


Wednesday, November 9, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Class  Machine Appliqué Flower Basket - In this workshop learn how to appliqué using a quick raw edge fusible machine technique. Ashley’s Flower Basket, the first pattern in a series of flower basket designs Sue created for JWD Publishing will be used in this workshop. Learn the fine points of machine appliqué including perfect points, neat curves and creative surface embellishments. This technique is the focus of the AQS book “Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué” co-authored by Sue and her sister, Pat Holly. Quality workmanship is the priority in this workshop!
Please note: for the one day version of this workshop students will be working on a small practice piece to learn how to do the techniques featured in this appliqué project. Students receive all the information needed to complete their Flower Basket Quilt, but we will only work on the practice piece in class.  There will be a pattern fee of $8.00.  Supply List


Tuesday, November 8, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Thursday, November 10, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Friday, November 11, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Class  Machine Quilting Essentials - In this basic workshop, learn all aspects needed to master machine quilting. Start with a discussion on machine quilting supplies, including thread, needles and notions. Next, practice the basic techniques of straight line and free motion machine quilting on small quilt packages. After learning the skills to feel confident with these techniques, Sue will demonstrate how to successfully baste; package and machine quilt the actual quilt.  Go home feeling confident to quilt any size and style quilt. Many quilts will be shown for inspiration.  With Sue’s patient guidance learn all the basic skills needed to master machine quilting on your home sewing machine. Supply List

Saturday, November 12, 2016 - Lecture  Machine Quilting for Today’s Quilts
Sue will share through slides her progression from hand quilter to the machine quilter she is today. This personal journey includes slides of Sue’s quilts and her sister, Pat Holly’s quilts as well quilts from machine quilters who have influenced the current machine quilting trends. Sue will bring a selection of her quilts to share and provide time for discussion at the end, so bring your questions about machine quilting.
October 8, 2016 - Garage Sale
Fall clean up, clean out time! At our Oct 8 Guild meeting you will have a once in a lifetime (well, once in a year) opportunity to sell the "treasure" you cleaned out from your quilting/sewing/craft stashes😀YES! Call me for table reservations for the garage sale which will be our October program! All Guild members are eligible to sell. NO CHARGE FOR TABLES, you keep all your $$$, but you must take all your leftovers home with you. The sale will begin following the short business meeting. GUESTS MAY ATTEND FREE AT THIS MEETING SO INVITE SHOPPERS! We will try to have tables set up by 8:15 so you may load them up prior to the meeting. Bring change and bags for your "stuff."
Book your table early as they are limited.  Contact Evelyn Fincher, (956) 358-1460, to reserve your table.
September 10, 2016 - Friendship Day
Hosted by Barbara Kissler, Casa Del Sol, 400 N Val Verde Rd, Donna, TX .


Friendship Day

¡Hola amigos!

Yes! Friendship Day for the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild will be here soon. You and your guests can enjoy fun and fellowship with other quilters on Saturday, September 10, 2016, at Casa Del Sol, 400 N Val Verde Rd, Donna TX from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PMMap

Please sign up at the next guild meeting to bring a salad or dessert. If your food needs to be refrigerated, please bring it in a cooler or with ice packs as the refrigerator space is limited (nobody deserves food poisoning).

We will be getting acquainted and playing games until lunch is served. Table service and beverages will be provided by the guild. After lunch you can choose from several projects taught and demonstrated by your guild friends.

What should you bring?

1) Your friendliest smile and your guests

2) Your food (If it’s good and you are willing to share, please bring a recipe.)

3) A needle and neutral thread

4) Small scissors

5) 3  2.5” WOF strips for a game of Left/Right/Center

6) Several dollar bills to pay for your project kits.

7) A bag for all your goodies.

Contact Barbara Kissler (308) 520-5743 if you miss sign-up or have questions.
August 13, 2016 - Jan McCoy


Jan McCoy

Jan will be doing a demo on making bowl buddies.

You won't need to do sewing at the meeting.

Jan will have patterns and kits available. The patterns are free and  the kits sell for $3.00.

Click Here for Bowl Buddy Tutorial
July 9, 2016 - Christy Pohler


Christy Pohler

Christy will  be presenting an amazing product called Terial Magic.

This product helps with die cutting, fabric printing, scan-n-cut /cutting machines and can turn your fabric into a malleable "just like paper" product to help make 3D projects and more.

We'll, be making these adorable Origami Butterflies at the end of the presentation.

June 11, 2016 - Laura Nunn


Demonstration by Laura Nunn  Ruffle BagLaura will demonsrate how to make this lovely, versitile bag. 

This is a demontration only.  You will not need your sewing machines.

Click here for a list of materials needed, if you'd like to make your own ruffle bag at home.

May 14, 2016 - Christy Pohler

WOOL 101!
Everything you want to know about felted wool. What types of wool there are, which is best for your project and how to make the most out of every piece. Wool pricing and how to up cycle wool clothing for your next big wool project. I will have samples of wool to feel and teach you to guage what wool will work for the different types of embroidery and applique. Also, I will show you tips and tricks as well as handy to use tools to make the most out of your wool experience.

After the presentation there will be a demo on the wool Rosette Brooch. If you would like to make a rosette brooch, please bring a needle and neutral thread, size doesn't matter as long as you can thread the needle yourself. And the wool Rosette Brooch kits will be for sale for $2. Each kit includes the die cut 100% merino wool rosette, leaf backing and pin back to make it into a brooch/pin.
(Please see pictures below, colors will vary.)
I will have wool of different types for sale as well as some kits and material and tools for Hand embroidery, wool embroidery and wool applique. See you there!

April 9, 2016 - Subie Redd
April 9, 2016 Meeting Program

Hi, I'm Subie Redd, in April I will attempt to challenge your creativity. We will be making a double envelope purse! If you want to just watch the process, I will be providing a written instruction sheet for you(so you can make notes that make sense to you), as a teacher I find that not all instructions make things clear to everyone. If want to sewing along with me , you will need a sewing machine (two or three could possibly share a machine-there is not a lot of sewing). That said now for your home-work..... a finished 18 inch square will be needed...by finished I mean a front piece, a back (lining) piece and a batting (such as warm and natural) quilted together and bound. Also one package of Double Fold Quilt Binding( this is enough for at least two purses) for the strap. Two buttons, I will provide a closure item for you. A needle and thread to match your front piece. This is a fairly easy project, but I have made a couple of purses with a twist....so we will have fun exploring possibilities. I have done many demos in my life but nothing to a large group like this …… I look forward to the challenge. See Ya! At the meeting.

Subie Redd, and of course my side-kick Rick will be helping me.
March 12, 2016 - Jan Matthews


Jan Matthews Hi, my name is Jan Mathews.  I began quilting in 1999 and teaching beginner quilting classes in 2003.  Today, I am a Certified Instructor for Judy Niemeyer Quilting, Inc. and my teaching credentials include teaching at the Houston International Quilt Festival (since 2009), lecturing and workshops for quilt guilds in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma, and teaching at quilt shops in Arizona, Oklahoma, and throughout Texas. jkmquilting.com and quiltworx.com

Class  Judy Neimeyer's Technique.  Tea Time Placemats class supply list, Tea Time Placemats pattern ($20 + shipping) is available here.  
Thursday, March 10, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm
Friday, March 11, 2016 -  Class Renee's Fiber Art Quilting School, 1623 N Tower Rd, Alamo TX , 9am - 4pm

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - Lecture  more info to come
February 20, 2016 - Melinda Bula - Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show

Melinda Bula Her Fabulous Fusible Flowers quilts are unique. With the wonderful look of a painting, she uses fabric and thread to create beautifully artistic quilts.  She has been lecturing and teaching, both in the United States and internationally, which she really loves and has been featured on The Quilt Show.  Creating and designing is an obsession with Melinda and whether it is fabric, wallpaper, or quilts, it is her passion.   More info at www.melindabula.com 

Saturday, February 20, 2016, 9:00am - 4:00pm, Class  Bird of Paradise. Can be made in any color! No machine needed.

 Supply LIst 

Sunday, February 21, 2016, 1:00pm -  Trunk Show with quilts

Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show, South Padre Island Convention Center, 7355 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597,  9am - 4pm.  

January 9, 2016 - Cathy Miller


Cathy Miller For the last 15 years we've making music for quilters around the world.  An amazing journey from our home of Victoria BC, Canada to the rest of the quilting world.  Unusual? It sure is! Fun? Absolutely! Singingquilter.com

Class  "MOCK MOLA" APPLIQUÉ: Raw Edge Machine Reverse Appliqué. You, the student, will be designing your own piece.  I recommend you visit the students work section of my website, under classes, to see what others have created and to get some inspiration.  You can also google "Black and White Art" for more ideas.  I will work, individually, on each of your designs. I recommend simple designs so you can get them finished that day.  Class requirements are on the website.  Please bring your own black batting or go together with fellow students to purchase an appropriate amount for your projects. Angela (956-451-4900), at the Don-Wes Flea Market, has black batting.

Thursday, January 7, 2016 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm
Friday, January 8, 2016 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm

Saturday, January 9, 2016 - Lecture  
2015 Past Program info:
December 12, 2015 - Lenore Crawford


Lenore Crawford My fabric art combines my love of France, French architecture, and flower gardens, along with my passion for color and realism. The texture and warmth of the fabric itself, along with fabric painting, give the art an impressionistic feeling that only this medium can produce.  lenorecrawford.com

Class  Fusing/Fabric Painting to Create an Art Quilt - One Day Workshop. Click here for info on Lenore's Workshops, class and supply info. ($15 Kit fee) Click here for just the supply list.
Thursday, December 10, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm
Friday, December 11, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm

Saturday, December 12, 2015 - Lecture  Fusing/Fabric Painting to Create an Art Quilt + Trunk Show
November 14, 2015 - Martha Etheridge


Martha Etheridge is a quilt designer and publisher who loves to share her skills with the students.

Class  Pointing the Way.  Supply List and Project info.

Thursday, November 12, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm
Friday, November 13, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm

Saturday, November 14, 2015 - Lecture  Pattern Design and Publishing  +  Trunk Show
October 10, 2015
October 10, 2015 - Garage Sale - Please book your table early as they are limited. Evelyn Fincher is the coordinator she will assign you a table upon request.
September 12, 2015 - FRIENDSHIP DAY


Sept. 12, 10 am - 2 pm (gate will not be open until 9:30) at Pharr South, 1402 S Cage Blvd, Pharr

Please sign up at the guild meeting or email bevkramer722@yahoo.com.

Supplies List
___   guest
___  three 2 1/2" x WOF strips
___  dish to share (salad or dessert)
___  dollar ($1) bills for projects
___  needle, thread, scissors

Utensils and drinks will be furnished.

See you there!
August 8, 2015
August 8, 2015 - Renee Darkis
Supply List - paper, scissors, tape
July 11, 2015
July 11, 2015 - Lecture - Linda Garcia - scholarship presentation
June 13, 2015
June 13, 2015 - Trunk Show - Sharon Crosswhite
May 9, 2015
May 9, 2015 - Class - Ella Hendrix - Notebook covers.


Ella Hendrix -  Notebook  cover(s).

Supply List

April 11, 2015:
April 11, 2015 - Lecture - Alice Gibson - scholarship presentations.

Alice attended Ricky Tims's 3 days in 6 hours. It was a condensed version of his 3 day techniques class. Ricky shared many of his techniques with us. Because he has been here before she will only briefly mention his techniques and answer questions as best she can. 

The other class she took was from Heather Thomas on color theory and machine quilting. Alice will share as much information as she can with the group from this class.
March 13-14, 2015:


Laura Wasilowski is a textile artist, author, teacher, and creator of hand dyed fabrics and threads. She has an undergraduate degree in Costuming from the College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN and a Master of Art degree in Fiber from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. She is owner of ARTFABRIK.  You can Find out more about Laura and her work on her website http://artfabrik.com/

Classes  Four Little Landscapes. Create 4 little landscapes and place them in fabulous fabric frames. Learn how free-cutting, pattern building, and improvisation can dress up a simple view of sky and ground. Your colorful kit of hand-dyed fabrics is designed to make 4 individual fused quilts. Show them separately or combine them for a larger art quilt. (No sewing machine needed.)  Full-Day Workshop Supply List. ($20 Kit fee)
March 12, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm
March 13, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm

March 14, 2015 - Lecture  I quilt therefore I am.
February 12-14, 2015:

Rene Iannarelli is a fabric artist that spends the winter months of January and February on SPI we are very blessed to have someone of her caliber among us and willing to share her talents with us. She has provided pictures of her work She does not have a website but is willing to answer our questions at the time of her lecture.

Classes  Nine Patch Revisited.  Click here for more info and supply list.
February 12, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm
February 13, 2015 -  Class Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm

February 14, 2015 - Lecture  Trunk Show.
January 8-10, 2015:

Rami Kim is a DNA  scientist - turned quilt artist/quilter/ instructor known nationally and internationally. She is a 18 time best of show winner, distinguished for her innovative art-to-wear.  You can Find out more about Rami and her work on her website http://www.ramikim.com/

January 8, 2015 - Class  Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco, 9am - 4pm 

January 9, 2015 - Class  STC Weslaco, Building F cafeteria, 9am - 4pm

The fifth dimension

Go beyond traditional 3-D. In this technique workshop you will learn 5 of the exotic and unusual methods that are the trademark of Rami's award-winning works including hexagon and biscuit chopkey, mirror-imaged continuously folded prairie points, harlequin tucks, North American hand smoking and lined prairie points. This workshop could be the answer to those who wish to know about adding 3-dimensional textures and a lot more extra touches to art-to-wear and quilts. 

Click Here for the supply list.

January 10, 2015 - Lecture 

Folded Fabric Elegance
This lecture focuses on her new book "Folded Fabric Elegance" about 3-dimensional textures. She brings most of the samples in the book and shares stories behind the creating process and publishing. You can see the real things to examine quintessence of quilts, wearables, bags and home-decor items as pillows & table runners.
2014 Past Program info:
December 11-13, 2014:

Fran Web Pic.jpg - 13602 Bytes

Fran Snay from Burleson area of Texas will be here to teach us about designing and applying borders.  You can  view her work and biography on her website at http://quiltsbyfransnay.com

Friday, December 12, 2014 Class  at STC 400 Border St. Building F (cafeteria)

The supply list for the class is as follows:

1. A center block completed from your UFO pile approximately 13 x 13 in size.

2. Two to three colors for each border that you would choose to go with your center block. It is expected that you will create four borders plus sashings for the class.

3. Cutting will be done in class so bring cutting board,  ruler, and rotary cutter.

4. Bring your bisk and sewing machines to class.

5. Bring your interest and creativity. 

November 6-8, 2014:

Maggie Ball
An international quilter in the truest sense of the word will be bringing us techniques she learned in Mongolia where she was a volunteer.
The workshop will be called Gateway to Mongolia, her lecture is entitled Innovative quilts Traditional Values.
You can view her work and biography on her website http://dragonflyquilts.com/

Gateway to Mongolia

Thursday, November 6, 2014 Class 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm at Grace Episcopal Church 701 S Missouri St, Weslaco  

Friday, November 7, 2014 Class 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at STC 400 Border St. Building F (cafeteria)

Click Here for info and supplies list for Gateway to Mongolia. Please note, the pattern cost will be $5.

October 11, 2014:
Garage Sale - This year it will be bigger and better as it will be advertised in the local papers so start collecting all your surplus fabric and tools that are occupying too much space in your place so you can transfer it to someone else's and make some cash to spend on more fabric. Please contact Evelyn Fincher to reserve a table.
September 13, 2014, 10:00 AM: 
Friendship Day will be celebrated at Pharr South, 1402 S Cage Blvd, Pharr TX again this year with Bev Kramer  hostessing the event. Bev, with her pre-event helper Bonnie Hall,  is preparing an eventful day for us.
Begins on September 13th at 10 am at Pharr South Mobile  Home Park in Pharr.  The gate to park will open at 9:30 am.  There will be six different make and takes. Please bring scissors and needles, money for various kits ($1 bills & quarters please) and 3 (three)  2 l/2” strips WOF for game to be played.  Click here for Map.
August 9, 2014:
Kathy Carrizal - Frye and Bev Kramer will do their IQF scholarship presentations.
July 12, 2014:

Joann Hartwick,  a RGVQG member, will be presenting  "Popcorn, a quilt in a day".  

Click Here for the supply list and pre-class preparation. 

June 14, 2014:
Rene Darkis,  a RGVQG member, will be presenting "Tools of Quilting".  This is a lecture class, no supplies required.
May 10, 2014:
Maribel Gomez,  a RGVQG member, will be presenting a class on appliqué this will be part of the monthly meeting. She is an excellent teacher and quilter, highly recommended by her fellow quilters.

Supplies needed for class
  Needle size 10 or 11
  4 inch scissors with sharp point
  Straight pins
  Black Skein or
  Any color Thread
  pointed turner
April 11-12, 2014:

Irena Bluhm
, a prize winning quilter who is expert at long arm quilting,  will be having a hands on class for design and practice.
Irena will be bringing 6 machines so there will be 2 students per machine.
She welcomes all machine quilters, and said that machine quilters wanting to use a domestic machine need to bring their own machine with them.
All her classes are 4 hours with 2 hours of lecture and 2 thru 2 ½ hours of practice time.
She will briefly discuss machine tension and maintenance issues but does not want to detract from the class content for this. There are on line resources for this.
She will be presenting 2 classes on Friday April 11. These are based on the requests of those already signed up.
Both classes will be at STC Weslaco, building F, please use parking lot #4 off of Border.
The morning class will be Freehand Borders and Sashings, 9am - 1pm.
The afternoon class will be Formal Feathers Basics and Beyond, 2pm - 6pm.
This allows students to take both classes if they so choose. The separated class sheets will be available at the February meeting, hopefully you will take the opportunity to experience both classes.
The cost (guild members) per each class is $75.00 the cost for non-guild members is $85.00 payable to RGVQG. There is an additional kit fee of $20.00 for a class workbook and dry erase pens.

The lecture presentation, April 12,  will be a trunk show.

More information is available on her website irenabluhmscreations.com
March 6-8, 2014:
The exciting news is we have scheduled a second date based on the number of students signed up for Daphne’s class of Ripless Paper Piecing.
There are still a few openings available. It would be nice if we could have another sell out. Please contact me or sign up at the February quild meeting.

The second date for the class is Thursday, March 6, 2014 at the Grace Episcopal Church, 701 S Missouri Ave, Weslaco,TX 78596, located just off business 83.  The class time will be the same 9 am through 4 pm.  Lunch hour is either go out to eat or a bag lunch if you choose.

The Friday, March 7, 2014 class is at STC in building F using the north parking lot #4 off Border. The times are the same as above.
I will be contacting the students via email so they can select their date of preference. We can take 25 students per day.

There were questions about the kit fee. This is the cost of the pattern and other items the teacher will provide at class, this DOES NOT include the fabric required.

Daphne Greig will be our teacher presenter "Ripless Paper Piecing"
Daphne has been nominated for 2013 Professional Quilter Teacher of the Year.
Her biography is available at http://daphnegreig.com/

CLICK HERE to obtain Supply List.    There will be a $3.00 kit fee.

February 8:

This is the day our scholarship  winners will  share  what they learned in the classes they took at one of the International Quilt Festivals.  
January 10-11:

Debbie Caffery will be doing Mystery Quilt - Quilters' Quest.  Debbie is known for her mystery quilts and has taught at Houston as well as other major festivals. Her class will be a treat for us.  Debbie's website is http://debbiescreativemoments.com/

Here is a direct link to the supply list for this class.    http://debbiescreativemoments.com/Supply%20Lists/QQuest%20supplycut.pdf
2013 Past Program info:
December 12-14, 2013:
December 12, 13, 14 program with Susan Cleveland  "Piping Hot Binding"  She is excited to be joining us for the two class days.

There will be two classes because of the number of members who have signed up for the class.
The Thursday class will be at the Boys and Girls Club, 500 S Kansas Ave, Weslaco,TX 78596.
The Friday class will be in the Multipurpose room at STC, both classes will be from 9 am through 4 pm.
An optional  Piping Hot Binding kit will be available for purchase in class for $20.
Click here for printable supply list.

Susan's biography as well as a printable supply list is available from Susan's website piecesbewithyou.com.
November 8-10, 2013:
November 8, 2013 Program Class
November 9, 2013 Program Speaker
November 10, 2013 Program Class

Bonnie Hunter a national teacher who works with shirt string quilting.  We have been waiting more than two years to have her join us. Please be prepared for a great class.To view her biography, quilts and classes check out her website at quiltville.com

Bonnie Hunter has agreed to an additional day of class to accommodate our large number of interested members. We will be having the usual class on Friday November 8, the lecture at the meeting on Saturday  November 9 and class on Sunday November 10, from 12 pm to 5 pm.
I am asking the members who have signed up to let Bev or I know which of the two days they would prefer to attend. Our hope is that we can have an equal number each day in order that all students may get personal attention from Bonnie.

The " String Fling " books will be available at Picket Fence and Life's a Stitch for those who want to purchase them in advance.  They may also be purchased at Bonnie Hunter's website for $26 plus shipping.

Click Here for supply list for " ",  the pattern we will be doing.

There is a  $35.00  RGVQG charge for the class that will be collected at the time of the classes. The purpose of collecting the money at the class  is to eliminate several people  collecting money in advance.  Those registered for the class will be expected to pay for the class.
October 12, 2013:
Garage Sale
so collect all your goodies and arrange for a table to sell them at. Contact Evelyn Fincher at befincher@aol.com well before the meeting so we can have sufficient tables available for that day. This program will be held in conjunction with the October meeting. 

Tables are still available and I am sure you have all been collecting treasures you would like to make a bundle on selling them to your friends who really need some new creative materials to work with. Remember one person's junk is someone else's treasure.
September 14, 2013:
Cindy Ellis
a local quilt artist who has a love of purses and bags. This program will be in conjunction with the September meeting.   Click Here for REVERSIBLE BOOK BAG-fabric, cutting, and fusing instructions.  There are still spaces available for members to sign up for. Please contact Bev Kramer to add your name to the list. This will help Cindi know how many to expect.
RGV Quilt Guild-September Purse Class


Finished Size: Height 15”, Width-16” at bottom and 13” at top, 5 ½ “ deep

I was inspired by Vera Bradley’s tote bag that my granddaughters use to carry their books. This bag also accommodates an IPAD or other device and is great for fabric or grocery shopping!

Fabric suggestions: large, bold print for pockets, medium print for outer bag, coordinating fabric for lining. Use Home Dec or quilt cottons. All pieces will be fused to stabilizers so no quilting is needed.

Outside-1 ¼ yd for bottom, sides, body and handles
Outside pockets-3/4 yard
Lining-1 yd-bottom , sides, body
Fusible-5 ½ yd at 20” wide,Pellon 880F Sof-Shape, fusible woven
Fusible Fleece-2/3 yd at 44” wide

August 10, 2013:
FRIENDSHIP DAY will be held on August 10, 2013, 9:30 a.m. at Pharr South, 1402 S. Cage Blvd., Pharr, TX.  Please sign up at the guild meeting or call Bev Kramer at 956-702-2862.  Bring a salad or dessert.  Drinks and tableware will be furnished.  We will be playing our Annual game of "RLC" so bring three 2 1/2" by WOF strips, $1.00 bills for the hands on projects and basic hand sewing supplies.  Pharr South is located on  the west side of Cage Blvd. (also known at 281)  just past Ridge Rd. (large new HEB and What-a-burger on corner).  If you are on 83 take the 281 south exit.  REMEMBER GUEST ARE WELCOME!!!!

July 13, 2013:
"A traditional guild meeting until the gavel falls" 
by Carol Hover.  Carol is a very involved guild member, has held many positions over the years and is a very creative member of our guild.  This program will be in conjunction with the July meeting.

June 8, 2013:
Trunk show by The Calico Clippers.
These ladies are one of the Valley bees and have much to share with the members.   This program will be in conjunction with the June meeting.
May 11, 2013:
Class will be part of the May meeting, bring your stuff.

Bonnie Hall a local quilter artist that is very active in RGVQG.
The class will be for  "A multipurpose Casserole Carrier"
The program will be in conjunction with the monthly meeting. There are plug ins available in the meeting room for your machines

April 9-10, 2013:
April 9, 2013 Program Class: CANCELLED
April 10, 2013 Program Speaker:  Nancy Alagrim local fabric artist shop owner of the Black Iris in Mission

Artist Statement                                                                                        
I started sewing and doing hand work when I was eight years old. I first made doll clothes and then my own clothes. When I discovered the Fiber Arts Program at the University of Oregon, I knew it was for me. I have always had a fascination with textiles. My BFA show was of large felt sculptures, this progressed to weaving and wearable art. Fourteen years ago I added glass to my repertoire so I could make my own jewelry for my store. Now things have come full circle and I am combining felt and glass into jewelry.

Learn to work wool over fabric.
In this class each student will make two Nuno felted scarves using fabric and dyed wool.  Students will prepare materials and felt their scarves. We will discuss why the wool felts, controlling the felting, how to incorporate other materials into the process and the application of this technique for other projects such as nuno felted fabric for garments, accessories and art projects.

Class Time: 
6 hours  
materials fee for two scarves: $30 includes screen, wool for felting the scarves and a selection of silk fabrics for two scarves.
Materials included to use in class: 
Soap, vinegar, spray bottles, some novelty fibers

Lunch.  Notepad and pen, rubber gloves and apron (both optional), towel, and wear clothes with sleeves at or above the elbow and clothes you don’t mind getting a little wet.
March 2013:
Jodi Burrows
, a well known teacher will teaching  A Square in a Square technique in the form of a Prairie Claw quilt.
( her biography is attached)
A picture of the finished quilt is provided so you can make color choices for your project.

The supply list and cutting instructions  are included.( file attached)
Click here for yardage for a queen size quilt.

She has a website that you are welcome to visit. The link is www.squareinasquare.com

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Alice Gibson at jjpnctm@mymts.net
February 2013:
The 2012 Scholarship winners will be presenting the results of the classes they took at the International Quilt Show of their choice. These presentations will be approximately 10 minutes each in duration and  will be in the format of choice of the presenter.
The topics are as follows:
1. Art quilt flower from Lenore Crawford class presented by Susan Flarity.
2. Inco Belova leaves a machine work technique presented by Bonnie Chambers.
3. Apple core charm quilt hand pieced presented by Jessie Vandenberg.
4. Sewing on Silk presented by Patti Dybdall.
5. Mandella quilt from the RaeNae Merrill class presented by Alice Gibson.
6.Evelyn Fincher is planning on attending the Paducha  Show and will be presenting next February.
January 2013:
The January program is being presented by Cynthia England

There are two kits that the participants can choose from

A Texas map or the snow scene these will be brought to the class for purchase by the teacher.
further visual information is available on her website www.englanddesign.com

This is an update for the upcoming January program with Cynthia England.
Supply list
1. Basic sewing supplies
2. Sewing machine in good working order.
3. Paper and pencil or pen for notes.